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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Enters 2020 Race

Former Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio has announced, in a press release, that “America’s Toughest Sheriff” is seeking re-election as Maricopa County’s top law enforcement officer once more. According to Arpaio, “The last four years have proven to be a time of lost opportunities to continue the kind of tough policing this county needs. Once back in office, I will use my position to restore pride to our law enforcement ranks, not only here, in the fourth-largest county in America, but across the country.”

When elected, Sheriff Arpaio will re-open Tent City Jail and reinstate the Posse to its “former strength.” He will continue to enforce all Arizona laws that deal with drug trafficking, sex trafficking and other crimes associated with border and illegal immigration.

Sheriff Joe pledges that he will, “continue to stand and fight to do the right thing for Arizona and America, and will never surrender.”

Sheriff Joe Arprio is Maricopa County’s longest serving Sheriff. He served from January 1. 1993 until December 31, 2016 when he was defeated by Democrat rival, Sheriff Paul Penzone.

Look for Sheriff Joe at our October LD 11 meeting!

For more information about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s 2020 bid for Maricopa Sheriff, click here.

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