LD 11 News


Despite the millions of dollars pouring into the state from outside groups, it looks as though the Arizona State Legislature will stay under Republican control with a razor thin lead. This is cause to celebrate, especially as we go into redistricting at the beginning of 2021.

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers in LD 11 and across the state who helped get the message of Republican candidates to every registered voter! We knocked on thousands of doors, made even more phone calls and in LD 11 alone sent over 20,000 personal letters to our neighbors. There’s NO WAY we could have held on to the Republican legislature without YOU!! Again, THANK YOU!!!

Now is the time to look forward to 2022. We cannot let up! We need to increase our lead in the state legislature and take back one of those US senate seats that is currently occupied by a democrat. Lest we forget, in 2022 we will be electing a new Governor, Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction and MANY MANY more key leadership roles throughout the state. Can we leave that up to chance, LD 11? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Onward and upward, LD 11! You are ROCKSTARS!!!

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